Fake Laughter Hiding Real Pain

Faking a smile seems so natural anymore, right?  It seems like so many of us walk through our everyday lives, forming our face into a sort of grinning mask to hide the struggles and pain of our everyday life.  We feel as though we can’t talk to anyone about it… after all, who would we talk to?  Personally, I have always tended to try to fight my mental battles without off-loading all of my problems and pains on the people around me in fear of driving them all away. 

Since taking on the alias of Prøvenire and starting off on this artistic journey of capturing mask after mask – all representative of issues many of us face – I’ve realized that I’ve fallen into the habit of adopting a permanent one… my own skin, flesh, and bone.  I’ve had to take a step back in my personal time to truly sit down and analyze where I am mentally. Outside of the façade we put onto social media, it’s important to place a great deal of focus on understanding what we are TRULY feeling.

We all wear our own masks.  We all project an energy and a mood outwards, whether it is genuine or fabricated to fit in with what we think people expect of us.  Setting aside some time to think about where we really are emotionally can allow us to analyze the issues we face and, without shame, approach them logically and healthily.  Shame doesn’t come from admitting that we have things we need to work on: shame does, though, come from masking our underlying struggles and allowing them to grow unchecked until they consume us. 

I leave these thoughts with encouragement and hope that you discover your light.

Warm regards,


Source: https://www.themaskedculture.com